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Carty Cares Annual Appeal is on now!

Dear Friend,

At this time last year, Amelia (not her real name) suffered a violent grenade attack in her native Burundi. The shrapnel embedded in her left side from her armpit to her thigh. The staunch defender of women’s rights knew then it was time to leave her central African home where civil society workers were facing growing political persecution.

She fled to neighbouring Rwanda with her family and was able to secure a single visa to participate in a human rights education training program in Montreal. She sought asylum on arrival and was granted the right to stay in Canada shortly after.

But within months, the program ended and the trained psychologist found herself alone in Ottawa. That’s when she found Carty House.

“It’s a safe place. The house is clean. There’s always people here to provide information and orientation and to help you get around and find health care,” she says. “Carty House helps you learn how to live. How to integrate.”

With the essentials taken care of—a place to live and supportive friends—Amelia could focus on building her new life in Canada. Including easing her chronic pain by getting the metal bits removed from her side, learning English, upgrading her credentials, finding meaningful work in her field and starting the process of family reunification.

As you know, Carty House does not receive any funding from government. We rely solely on the financial and material contributions of our dedicated community of supporters.

This holiday season, give the gift of hope. Your tax deductible donation will be put to good use providing refugee women with a clean and comfortable place to live for up to 16 months, as well as language tutoring, educational training, employment assistance, counselling and help transitioning to permanent housing. Or, consider supporting the women of Carty House all year long with a monthly donation of $10, $15 or $20 or more.

I hope we can count on your continued support to ensure women like Amelia continue to receive the care they need to become independent members of the community. Help us reach out $10,000 goal and change lives! See the enclosed form for all the ways you can donate.

From all of us here at Carty House, we wish you and your family a joyous holiday season!



Juliet Schimpf
Executive Director

What a Difference a Year Makes

The difference you made this year...

  • 16 refugee women made Carty House their home in 2016
  • 1 woman is completing a nursing degree at the University of Ottawa, while another is enrolled in accounting
  • In the last three months, 6 women were granted asylum
  • 7 women have found part time jobs
  • 6 women have transitioned to independent living
  • 1 resident and recent high school grad received the Chandra Arya Outstanding Achievement Award for persevering through adversity
  • 2 women received college diplomas in personal support work

The difference you made in Amelia's life...

  • Amelia was the director of a not-for-profit that supports women in Burundi
  • Her work made her a target and a grenade attack left her with serious injuries that sent her fleeing to Canada for asylum.
  • At Carty House, she found a home where she could heal, make friends and adapt to her new country.
  • She learned how to cook for her nine roommates and how to recycle.
  • She's grateful for the help she received applying for asylum, learning English and accessing health care.
  • Carty House has offered her hope for the future.

The difference your gift can make in the year ahead...

  • $50 can provide an orientation basket for a new resident that includes toiletries, a knapsack, water bottle, slippers and more.
  • $75 will cover bus fare and meals for one resident to travel to Montreal to Immigration and Refugee Board hearings
  • $100 will help keep the house warm and the lights on
  • $250 helps ensure Carty House has the necessities most of us take for granted-bedding, towels, bathmats, shower curtains, kitchen supplies and more
  • $500 will help provide counselling services to residents
  • $1000 can help a resident to pay for textbook and course supplies during their first year of college or university

About Carty House

Carty House is a communal residence in Ottawa that provides transitional housing for female refugee claimants and convention refugees. Carty House offers safety, accommodation and support to its residents as they move through the refugee system and build the resources necessary to live integrated and independent lives in Canadian society. During their stay residents are provided with referrals to education, counseling, and other support services including language instruction, employment training, job search programs and cultural integration programs and activities. Carty House seeks to promote an environment of community living founded upon shared responsibility, respect for diversity and mutual support.

Carty House is an independent non-profit entity established in 2001, and recognized as a charitable organization in 2009. Carty House operates at arm's length from the owner of its property, the Congregation of Notre Dame, Visitation Province. It is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors and the operation of the home and its services are managed by a team of Coordinators.

Carty House is sustained through private donations from groups and individuals.