What kinds of services do the residents receive?


Safe and fully equipped single room accommodation.
Shared bathroom, kitchen, living and dining room.
Shared washer and dryer.
Free access to internet.
Shared computer and printer.

Individual Support

Intake and assessment to determine individual needs
Individualized support plans
One-on-one support from Carty House staff

Settlement Assistance

Language tutoring.
Job search support.
Skill-building workshops.
Information on transportation.

Information and Referrals

Social services.
Legal services.
Health services.
Educational services.
Job search assistance.
Employment opportunities.
Foreign credential recognition.


Cooking and enjoying common meals.
Participating in cultural events and outings.

Transitional Support

Referral to housing agencies.
Assistance with transition to independent living with one-year follow-up support.
Information on tenantsā€™ right and responsibilities.
Establish community connections to local organizations and services.
Help moving.