2020 Fall Virtual Carty House Party!

Thanks to everyone who supported the
2020 Virtual Carty House Party!
It was a huge success AND it was also a blast!
Thanks to our speakers, Past-resident, 
Mubeza Pamella
and Louisa Taylor, ED of Refugee613/Réfugié613.
Thank you to the Carty House residents who put together an inspiring virtual Tour of Carty House!
Thanks to all who bought tickets!
Thanks to all who attended the event!
Thanks to all who bid and won in our live auction!
Thanks to all who donated to our Carty House Health & Well-Being Fund!

Didn’t Make It But Still Want to Support Carty House? 
Donate online to our “Heath & Well-Being Matching Fund” to cover dental/vision/mental heath care for our residents!  Click HERE


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