About Us

What is Carty House?

Carty House is a communal residence in Ottawa that provides transitional housing for female refugee claimants and convention refugees. Carty House offers safety, accommodation and support to its residents as they move through the refugee system and build the resources necessary to live integrated and independent lives in Canadian society. During their stay residents are provided with referrals to education, counseling, and other support services including language instruction, employment training, job search programs and cultural integration programs and activities. Carty House seeks to promote an environment of community living founded upon shared responsibility, respect for diversity and mutual support.

Carty House is an independent non-profit entity established in 2001, and recognized as a charitable organization in 2009. Carty House operates at arm’s length from the owner of its property, the Congregation of Notre Dame, Visitation Province. It is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors and the operation of the home and its services are managed by a team of Coordinators.

OUR VISION: A welcoming community where all refugee women have access to a safe and stable home.

OUR MISSION: Carty House provides a first home and a helping hand to refugee women in need in the Ottawa area. We assist them in pursuing their claims and adjusting to their new life on arrival to Canada through the provision of accommodation, as well as through material, financial and psychological support.


To operate and maintain a temporary communal residence home for female refugees.
To provide residents with referrals to education, counselling, and other support services including language instruction, employment training, job search programs, health referrals and informational programs on Canadian culture and life.
Carty House is unique as a communal home, as it receives no funding from any level of Government.

Carty House