Update Regarding COVID-19 Crisis

We Are Stronger Together

In the midst of the current COVID-19 crisis, Carty House will continue to provide housing for 10 refugee women who arrived alone in Canada. This is a challenging time for everyone. Thank you for your continued concern for our residents. Your support reminds them that they are cared for in their new home country.

We are taking important precautions to keep our residents, volunteers, and staff, safe.

We will continue to use social media

Twitter: @CartyHouse

as well as our website to share specific needs and to provide continued information.

As always, if you are moved to support these women and the mission of Carty House, donations are accepted through our website as well as via cheque. Details can be found at: https://cartyhouse.org/donate/

We look forward to keeping in touch. Be safe.

Carty House